Are you just feeding, over-seeding or both this fall?

Unless you received severe heat and drought stress in late summer, the weather was somewhat forgiving this year.  Do you have a great looking lawn now or a bunch of brown spots?  Did your lawn suffer from fungus and insect damage or an infestation of weeds?  Is crabgrass rampant in your lawn?  Did your dog […]

Brown spots in the lawn, what are they?

Summer weather can play havoc with your lawn.  Sometimes many brown spots appear and it is hard to identify just what has gone wrong.  It is important to use a logical process of elimination when trying to identify lawn problems.  Let’s explore some of the possibilities. The first possibility of brown spots on the lawn […]

Summer breeze or summer heat?

After experiencing cool-wet, spring weather what will we face this June; summer breeze or summer heat?  If we could predict Mother Nature that would be impressive but we do have some tricks up our sleeves on how to enjoy your summer and not sweat about your lawn so much. Applications of fertilizers and control products […]

Is your lawn the best it can be?

May is a wonderful month to celebrate getting outside and enjoying the fresh air, throwing a baseball or Frisbee and having the first picnic of the season.  By late spring the cold, wet, spring weather is usually behind us and the grass is growing nicely.  If you do not have a good looking lawn now […]